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Julien Pilet, your R & D expert

Computer Vision

Computer Vision is 's specialty. We particularly excel in the following domains:

  • Object detection and tracking
  • Segmentation
  • Camera calibration
  • Image-based retrieval
  • Augmented Reality
  • Non-rigid objects

For performance reasons, we most of the time rely on C++, using SIMD instructions such as SSE or NEON. We also have a sound experience with OpenCV.

For a more detailed description of our expertise, see our scientific publication page!

Scientific consulting and academic networking

provides scientific consulting services in various fields such as computer vision, computer science, or PCB design.

can also help your company to set up state-supported academic collaborations. Here is a typical collaboration example: the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) supports one or two positions in a research institution such as EPFL. The partner company pledges to invest the same resources in the project. The company can exploit research results for its products.

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Embedded Systems

provides the following services:
  • Embedded systems programming;
  • Microcontroller programming: C++, C, assembly, or any other language;
  • Driver programming for Windows, Mac OS or Linux;
  • Hardware development consulting;
  • Rapid prototyping.
is experienced in embedded systems, both with hardware and software design. For example, Julien Pilet developed the Armonie board, in collaboration with Stéphane Magnenat. This system is powered by an ARM processor, 64MB RAM, and 1MB flash. We wrote our own bootloader and hardware debugger: Jelie.

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High-level software development

provides the services of an extremely talented and skilful software engineer to help you with the following missions:
  • Algorithm design;
  • SIMD optimizations, such as SSE or NEON, without compromising code readability;
  • Temporary support to help meeting your project deadlines;
  • Mobile app improvements;
  • Drivers development for Windows, Mac or Linux
  • HTML5 webapp development;
  • Performance profiling and optimizations;
  • Memory leak debugging of C++ programs;
  • Cloud software development: large scale computing with Hadoop, mapreduce and "no sql" databases.

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Code review

What is code review?

Code review is a fantastic tool that enables massive quality improvements on code written by a development team.

The concept is simple: write code for your colleagues rather than for the machine. In practice, tools such as gerrit code review or review board makes code review efficient.

Code review benefits

When code is optimized for human understanding rather than machine execution, benefits are immediate:

  • The code is readable and thus easier to maintain;
  • The code exposes fewer bugs, because many of them get caught during code review;
  • The reviewer learns from the author when reviewing a particularly smart piece of code;
  • The author learns from the reviewer when he or she suggests a better way to solve the problem;
  • The code follows the style defined by the team. As a result, the code remains homogeneous and easier to read;
  • Team members keep each other up to date, making it easier for a developer to use and maintain code written by a colleague.

code review services

helps your team getting started with code review, in multiple steps:

  • An expert, former developer at Google, meets your team members and analyzes their work methods;
  • helps your team to determine a work method that meets its specific needs;
  • sets up the necessary software tools;
  • presents the new work method to the whole team;
  • supervises the developers' first steps while they are getting used to code reviews. The team members continue to work on their current tasks, avoiding delays.

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Contact is a Swiss company founded by Julien Pilet in 2013. (PGP Key)
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Publications - Julien Pilet

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Augmented reality on a deforming T-shirt.
By Julien Pilet, CVLab, EPFL, Switzerland.
Augmented reality on hundreds of pictures.
By Julien Pilet, HVRL, Keio University, Japan.
3D augmented reality on a deforming surface.
By Julien Pilet, CVLab, EPFL, Switzerland.
3D augmented reality with dynamic lighting.
By Julien Pilet, CVLab, EPFL, Switzerland.
Augmented reality book: Le monde des montagnes.
In collaboration with Camille Scherrer.